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Life doesn’t begin just once!


6 Beloved Friends...

A shocking event that will overturn their lives and become the second chance they were looking for...

Because life doesn't begin just once!

The amazing dramatic comedy “O PROTOS APO EMAS” is an ode to friendship, love, relationships, the meaningful aspects of life, goals, and dreams that some of us failed to fulfill or never even attempted. Six friends with different needs, daily routines, dreams, and worries are confronted with something unexpected. During an unlikely moment, one of them, Alkis, collapses. The Medical announcement leads him down a difficult path, realizing that everything in life can change at any given moment. However, on this uphill journey, he has his friends. They all come together, just as they do in good and bad times. The medical adventure of their friend causes all the members of the group to redefine themselves, their desires, and their needs. They see life from a new perspective, realizing that it's worth living as they want, not as they should, and their lives change forever for the better. Revelations, conflicts, unexpected love, and the power of true friendship against all odds.

The dramatic comedy is a journey to the optimistic side of life, a new contemporary series filled with emotion and tenderness, giving us moments of both excitement and laughter, and reminding us that sometimes life doesn't begin just once!"