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The ageless morning show continues for the 33rd consecutive year!


KALIMERA ELLADA with Giorgos Papadakis and Maria Anastasopoulou, is here with us to record, present, discuss, and analyze all the issues on the political, economic, and social agenda.

By placing all the issues that concern citizens and their daily lives at the forefront, KALIMERA ELLADA offers accurate and timely information for yet another year.

 Giorgos Papadakis, through his years of experience and journalistic credibility, and Maria Anastasopoulou, with her pertinent and direct speech, reliably and objectively capture the pulse of journalism.

 Together with the show's journalistic team, they walk us through the daily current events, welcome guests, and answer all viewers' questions, commenting on developments related to national and global events.

Giorgos Grigoriadis informs us about all current affairs, Iro Rantou updates us on the latest developments of the economy in Greece and worldwide, while Alexandra Chatzigeorgiou brings us all the news from Thessaloniki.

 KALIMERA ELLADA the longest-running and most successful show in the history of Greek television, continues its daily battle for news.