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George Lentzas and Aggelos Giakoumidis wear their soccer costumes go the distance and make stops at the grandest soccer fields in the world.


“Football Stories" is a travel documentary that captures and puts under the microscope the football culture of each country, on the occasion of the most important football derbies in the world.

George Lentzas and Angelos Yakoumidis wear their football costumes, measure kilometers and make stops while playing... ball in the biggest stadiums in the world.

“I feel that football has been moved away from its roots, teams have become businesses and fans seem to have lost their motivation. At such a difficult time for football I would like to see how they can experience it, respectively, in other countries on the planet," George Lentzas says.

"I believe that those who love football really need to serve it. If ‘Football Stories’ is the reason for even one person to love football, then this will be our biggest win," Angelos Yakoumidis says.

“Football Stories”. The football we love.