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I Farma with host Sakis Tanimanidis is here!


In a 23-acre farm, human power is confronted with nature. Far from the modern way of life, 14 aspiring farmers are testing their resilience and exceeding their limits. Will they endure? Sakis lives the adventure with them. He acts as a catalyst between 14 players, with different personalities, puts them to the test and deals with the constant twists. In the adventure reality show that has captivated millions of viewers around the world, players are confronted with nature as well as with themselves. Without the comforts of modern life, without plenty of water, without electricity, without contact with the outside world, their daily lives are difficult. Under the watchful eye of 40 robot and 8 studio cameras that record the action 24 hours a day, they sow, irrigate, cultivate the land, milk the animals, take care of the stable. At the same time, they must coexist for the first time together, living in one house and working together harmoniously and effectively.

The demands, however, do not stop here. Players fight every week not only for their survival, but also to stay on the Farm through crucial tests:  
1 great Mission from the Caretaker with a prize  
1 Leadership Race  
1 Farm Quiz  
1 Immunity Race 
1 Prize Game Each week

One player leaves life on the Farm behind, after losing in the Duel for ejection from the game.  
At the end of this adventure, the winner will be named "Farmer of the Year" and will win a double prize: 50,000 euros and a car worth 25,000 euros.