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The cooking is changing and it is ... a matter of company!


A kitchen, a renowned chef - presenter, a subversive comedian - writer, an unexpected guest, two recipes, a lot of gastronomic temptations, lots of laughs and definitely not just one more cooking show.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos and Elias Fountoulis welcome individuals from politics, business, theater, cinema, music, sports and television. The two presenters have different backgrounds, what unites them is their friendship and their love for cooking, good food, company and humor. In the cozy space of their kitchen, reminiscent of a culinary seminar room, they chat with their guest without having a talk show, they cook without complying with the conventional terms of cooking, and most of all they have fun and have a good time. Guests pull up their sleeves and take action in the kitchen.

Ready for everything, cooking, experimenting and trying new flavors. Αmong the smells of the spices, the colors of the ingredients and their special gastronomic experiences, Dimitris and Elias 'unlock' the secrets of their guests. Cooking brings everyone closer, making viewers part of this different, yet exciting group.