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This New Year's Eve happens once every thirty years!


A wedding, a pregnancy, a mystery and a hidden love are born in the new episodes of the legendary series of Harry Romas and Anna Hadjisofia.

The inhabitants of the village of Kolokotronitsi never rest and this is proved once again in the new episodes of "To Kafe tis Charas".

 The developments are rapid and the rivalry between Periandros, Stella and Valia is at its peak.

Meanwhile, Stavroula and Fatseas seem to be trying to reunite. But what will happen when not only the forgery of Vangelis' diploma, but also the frauds he committed by taking advantage of his ex-wife's position as Mayor, are revealed?

And while Manos is ready to leave Areti, she follows the advice of Periandros, and claims to be pregnant. This is how the wedding of the young Popotas with the village doctor is launched and Valia, desperate, on the night of the engagement of Manos and Areti, will ask for consolation in the arms of Dimitrios!

Periandros starts to get closer to Stella and this is something that drives him crazy… And while he is trying to handle his feelings for Stella, things will get even more confusing when Chara returns to the village! Smells like trouble?

What will happen between Valia, Manos and father Dimitrios?

Will Periandros and Chara unite so that their children are not together? Do they want to avoid becoming in-laws because… old loves are eternal?

The questions ask for answers and the charismatic pen of Haris Romas and Anna Hadjisofia is sure to give them to us in their imaginative and humorous way, that for so many years now turns the daily life of the people of a village into magical stories!